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Michael Hart Architects Urban Designers

Each opportunity within the built environment is approached with an important design oriented focus. The uniqueness’ and diversity of the South African Context offers opportunity for innovative thinking and a creative design process.

Over the past 25 years our practice has gained a vast amount of experience in various sectors within the disciplines of Architecture and Urban Design.Retaining a small focus group of professionals ensures that there is personal attention with a hands-on approach from conceptual design through to construction and completion.

We view architecture as a specialization that is process orientated in the pursuit of delivering workable solutions. Our design methodology is to interpret our clients brief and integrate design principles that open up new possibility and innovative ideas.

Urban Design place making principles are integral in our approach of all projects from small buildings to large urban or rural township layouts and in the renewal of city centers. Built environments require spatial arrangements that give meaning to human activities, movement patterns, emotive sensors and resonate within its natural context.

The ability to conceptualize on the macro scale of City Centers and Neighbourhood Precincts and working with communities, stakeholders and Local Authorities has allowed the practice to explore Urban Design Frameworks from conception to the level of implementation.

Our consideration for economic development opportunities, activity and transportation nodes together with landscape, climate, context and heritage embodies the layering and depth of past and present values that enriches the lives of future generations.

The renewal of existing urban contexts is approached with restructuring of social spaces that define cultural identity for end users and creating development value for property investment.

Housing in South Africa challenges density with livability. The functionality and cost sensitivity of medium and high-density housing requires discipline of planning and design to ultimately achieve the resilience of community needs and aspirations.

The development of housing considers short-term costs with long term lifecycle costing, choice of materials, construction techniques and energy systems become key making decisions.

Mixed–Use commercial, residential and adaptive reuse developments integrate urban design and architectural criteria with sustainable financial modeling. Land parceling or compiling a collective of building with related and complimentary uses enhances end user experiences.

Heritage practice involves an attitude towards a larger more global opinion of the significance of place. Innovative design criteria together with heritage procedural requirements elevate heritage resources to a level of accessibility. Heritage is seen as the identification of mutual respect that upholds the democratic vision of cultural diversity.

The Craft of Architecture is that which transcends theoretical and stylistic preferences of architecture and becomes an experience of tactility. The crafting of architecture, internal or external is produces both by the considered use of materials, the positioning of mass and the form of the space.

Professional Qualifications and Affiliations.

Michael Hart holds a Bachelors degree in Architecture (B.Arch) 1988 and a Masters Degree in Urban Design (M.U.D) 1994

Professional registrations

South African Council for the Architectural Profession. (SACAP)

South African Institute for Architects (SAIA) Corporate member.

Gauteng Institute for Architects (Gifa)