Lion Park

Streets and Courts 3D sketchResidential streets layout plan


Study Area

The location of the site is within the Municipal District of the City of Johannesburg known as Region A. The site is situated north of Randburg and approximately 40 km North West of the Johannesburg CBD.

The site is 39 Ha in extent and is bounded by the K29 Malibongwe Drive to the west, the N14 Freeway to the north, the R28 to the south and 6th road to the east.

Urban Design Principles

This process is relevant to ensure that the proposed development is enhanced to a level that offers the opportunity of developing a sustainable human settlement.

The ultimate goal is to create an Integrated City. This will be fundamental in achieving the aim of rectifying the inefficiencies that have plagued housing developments for low income communities.

Identified communities must benefit from the social and public investment through being able to access economic opportunities. This shall enable mixed-use residential districts to develop over time into socially sustainable neighborhoods.

The development shall create environments that are liveable, vibrant, secure and affordable. Lion Park shall create ease of access for private and public transportation with comfortable, safe pedestrian routes. The development should favour public transportation and non-motorised transport as opposed to a vehicle-based approach.

The framework shall strive for an Integrated Compact City form that will enhance positive public spaces and essential services including health, education, emergency services and safety.

Residential densities must be achieved through the implementation of a variety of housing typologies. These typologies shall take into consideration the mobile and incremental nature of communities. The demographic make up of new and existing families moving into urban areas will

present differing needs. Family size and levels of affordability shall be catered for within various forms of tenure. This may require the need for a flexible design approach.