Makers Mile


Project Synopsis

The locality of the site within a dynamic mixed use urban precinct is surrounded by a variety light industrial facilities, workshops and manufacturers. The introduction of residential, retail and education facilities within the precinct opens up new potential. The Makers culture locates itself within the space of integrating creativity and technology with manufacturing, retail and education.

The mixed uses in close proximity to the site offers the opportunity for the site to define the spatial programme that will allow for the creation of Maker spaces or’ hackerspaces’ . The proposed development offers an entry point within a new paradigm of Arfican Urbanism. The city within a growing global culture of urbanization must adapt in a new way to become competitive and to participate in strategies of domestic productivity. This may mean that the global means of production are seen to favour the entrepreneur, the creative intelligence that begins with an individual seeking direction and support away from the main stream of education, manufacturing and conventional income generating economies.

The conceptualization behind Makers Mile within the innovation of Maboneng provides the ‘Vibrant Fringe’ communities of artists, artisans, small business incubators and the youth, with access to a wealth of skill sets, technology, equipment and financial support that is so often out of range.

The design proposal is based on design principles which attempt to unleash the proposals contextual relationships. The building responds to site specific principles of connectivity and integration, linking with neighbouring proposed developments and creating positive responses to all surrounding street edges.

The building contains a number of access points, these allow for pedestrian, vehicular/ delivery and emergency vehicles to enter the site.

The designed components include the adaptive reuse of existing brick and concrete structures with new structures being built with the use of recycled shipping containers and steel industrial construction for overhead walkways, ramps and roofs.  The building itself enhances a craft based experience.